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Tales Of Waterville™ &
Christian Animated Movies

Christian animated movies with character building always have a positive effect on child development! How much more if they're fun? Watch our
preview and see for yourself! As part of the Christian animated movies genre, The Tales of WatervilleŞ include character building in the storylines. The lovable characters are kind to each other, relate well with each other and learn to deal with life issues. They live in a "land of joy, a land of peace and harmony..." as expressed in the opening song. "So many children's animated movies today are missing the core values you want your children to learn! They actually undermine what many parents teach their children at home," says Tales of WatervilleŞ creator/producer Armando Escalante," -- as a parent, you know how valuable it is for children to watch Christian animated movies." Tales of Waterville(tm), as part of the Christian animated movies genre, offers entertainment that is uplifting, educational and fun, with the absence of violence and romantic undertones. Watch our preview and purchase a set for your children for any occasion including birthdays, holidays and enjoy Christian animated movies.
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